inactinic and small light source that I have specifically designed for the wet plate collodion process. Ideal for home darkrooms - but because of it's compact design and easy powering, it is particularly suitable for mobile darkboxes.

The high power narrow band LEDs used offer a brighter and enhanced contrast viewing experience. Compared to the typical red light sources, this unit emits more in the yellow-orange band of the visible spectrum to which the human eye is most responsive. This translates into better visibility, less eye strain and allows better control of the process, particularly at the development stage. The emission spectrum of the LEDs has been thoroughly tested and the lumen output adapted to prevent any risk of fogging the sensitized plates.

WPL-M1 wet plate collodion


USB powered

Another main feature is the possibility to power the unit with any common and readily available USB power adapter allowing easy operation especially when working on the road. A simple 5V USB power source is sufficient, this can be a cell phone charger or an external USB power bank battery used for supplying extended energy to tablets, phones and other USB equipment.

WPL-M1 wet plate collodion light source


Simply plug the device into your USB power supply and switch the unit on. In your home darkroom, the light source can be aimed directly onto the working area, respecting a minimum distance of approximately 60cm (2 ft). Depending on the size of your mobile darkbox or tent, the source should be orientated indirectly or bounced off the side walls.

This light source is exclusively designed for the wet plate process, it cannot be used for traditional film/paper development. On the other hand, it is well suitable as a safe light for alternative contact printing processes such as Platinum/Palladium, gum printing, carbon transfer and all other techniques requiring UV light for exposure.


  • Length     6cm (2.4")
  • Width     12cm (4.8")
  • Height   3,5cm (1.2")
  • Weight   220gr (7.7oz)

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These are the last units available. I have received wonderful feedback from all my clients and I express my highest gratitude, but it is simply too time consuming to manufacture it at low scale and by hand. Once the last unit sold, this project will be over.

Thank you for your comprehension.