Sidney Kapuskar's work focuses on two themes: the traditional portrait and the nude portrait. It focuses primarily on inestimated resources in the soul and body. The nude is a straightforward posture, nothing to hide, which expresses a sensibility, a barometer of complicity between model and photographer. The chosen angle is closely related to the immediacy of emotions. The attraction between the artist and the model is annihilated by the camera, it changes the register, a complicity that is anything but intimate is established. This is, for Sidney Kapuskar, to transcend the portrait of a normal subject, without particular regards for aesthetics, just a flawless take, a virtual rape in the heart of their real lives. A successful photo, and the whole nature of the model, the depths of the soul, appear in the open. No bullshit possible. This personal snapshot of his/ her interior transcribes a unique personality. Each its own. The quest for personal history without mercy or indulgence unveils the personality, just getting the truth out in the three dimensional, just as he/ she is. Period. Ideally, nothing inexplicable pollutes this relationship between photographer and model. A miracle every day.

Clic clac.

Cyrille Putman

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